We Are the Key To Ourselves (Rainbow Bridge Baby!)

4 min readMay 15, 2021


I like to tell my five year old frequently, don’t worry about anyone but yourself.

Today’s question: Why doesn’t it matter what other people are doing? Or does it? So hello time to reframe our thinking.

Maybe a better question is, what is the best way to effect positive change that we want to see?

(If you’re living your best life in your intergalactic Indiana Jones adventure this doesn’t apply to you — because you already know the answer to that question)

The answer should be obvious, ourselves. This is true on so many levels that’s actually really blowing my mind right now.

A Rainbow Bridge. Read on For Relevancy.

Simple analogy: oxygen masks on an airplane, if you don’t help yourself first, you will die and your neighbor will still die. Same idea in life, if you’re walking around having all these big ideas about how to fix the world, but you’re not working on yourself, you’re not operating at 100% capacity. That’s one way to think about it.

Secondly, every interaction, thought, emotion, action you take has a ripple effect around you. Because everything is energy. When aroom is tense and one person laughs breakingthe tension and suddenly the whole room is laughing. This is illustrating at a basic level on the synergism of energy. It’s infectious. By focusing on working on yourself, you’re like a walking love magic spreader.

This is how we accelerate planetary ascension. Because it’s just math. The more people there are, the more people they affect.

For example:

Start with 100,000 people who are spreading their love vibes, now we have 200,000.

And the next wave is 400,000, and the next is 800,000. Now it’s 1,600,000, now its 3,200,000

But wait, now people are starting to worry about everyone else. Next wave is only 3,500,000, next is only 3,800,000

Here it is explained from another perspective.

For big, planetary changes to happen it requires the collective consciousness right?

Let’s break it down to the level of an individual first. How do you use your thoughts to create physical changes here on this plane?

It’s a combination of knowing and seeing and feeling the truth and then taking the action to ground that truth. Right? You can’t just birth a multimillion dollar business in this physical plane without also doing the work right?

So why would it be any different for our new earth?

Right now, I see a group of us standing on the edge of a cliff, looking a cross a chasm and wayyyyy over there, we can see the new earth. Many of us can see the new earth and know that’s where we are headed. We know it’s there but we don’t know how to make the jump. We’re trying to make the leap in one move. Yeah that’s not gonna work. We have to build our bridge, bit by bit. All of us, together. We each have unique building blocks that fit together specially with others.We each have to contribute our piece of the bridge, both from the consciousness perspective but also by grounding our truth into action.

We have to see it, know it, and ground it in action here and now. In other words, the more you tune in to healing and uncovering your true self, the more aligned you should be with your path. This means you are more in harmony with your place in the cosmic web. The more harmony, the stronger the melody. But the other key point (no pun intended) is that we have to reach some unknown level of critical mass of consciousness and action for this to activate.

Bringing it back to my first or previous essay, we are literally the key to understanding the universe. We are multidimensional, if we can understand and know our true selves, we will see our understanding mirrored in our reality.

We each have a Chiron representative of our own thread which we have to unravel and then reweave into the fabric of the cosmic universe which unites us in harmony.

Bonus round: Fun Synchronicities

Chiron is also known as the rainbow bridge and is in the shape of a key. In, Norse mythology Bifrost is the rainbow bridge the connects the realms. Rainbows are made from water and light and are made out of waves : ) Waves are energy. Water is quantum. Chiron is also often the key to unlocking your purpose or truth in this incarnation through the understanding of the planetary bodies.

I’m going to restate what others have said in a different way for you to think about:

How do you see the New Earth?

What are you Doing to Build the Rainbow Bridge to Help Us Reach it?

I’ll end it with this you know if you know kinda statement cause I’m feeling sassy. The best way to find your true self is to be your true self.

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