We Are the Key To Ourselves (Rainbow Bridge Baby!)

Maybe a better question is, what is the best way to effect positive change that we want to see?

(If you’re living your best life in your intergalactic Indiana Jones adventure this doesn’t apply to you — because you already know the answer to that question)

A Rainbow Bridge. Read on For Relevancy.

This is how we accelerate planetary ascension. Because it’s just math. The more people there are, the more people they affect.

For example:

Here it is explained from another perspective.

For big, planetary changes to happen it requires the collective consciousness right?

So why would it be any different for our new earth?

Right now, I see a group of us standing on the edge of a cliff, looking a cross a chasm and wayyyyy over there, we can see the new earth. Many of us can see the new earth and know that’s where we are headed. We know it’s there but we don’t know how to make the jump. We’re trying to make the leap in one move. Yeah that’s not gonna work. We have to build our bridge, bit by bit. All of us, together. We each have unique building blocks that fit together specially with others.We each have to contribute our piece of the bridge, both from the consciousness perspective but also by grounding our truth into action.

We each have a Chiron representative of our own thread which we have to unravel and then reweave into the fabric of the cosmic universe which unites us in harmony.

Bonus round: Fun Synchronicities

Chiron is also known as the rainbow bridge and is in the shape of a key. In, Norse mythology Bifrost is the rainbow bridge the connects the realms. Rainbows are made from water and light and are made out of waves : ) Waves are energy. Water is quantum. Chiron is also often the key to unlocking your purpose or truth in this incarnation through the understanding of the planetary bodies.

I’m going to restate what others have said in a different way for you to think about:

How do you see the New Earth?



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