To Our Children— Just Know Anything Is Possible

2 min readJun 18, 2021

To my beautiful daughter whose arrival has been the biggest blessing in my life; without you I would never have awoken to discover true love within or began the long path of healing myself and peeling back the layers to find my true self.

I want to share the truth of the world as I know it.
Anything is possible. Anything you can imagine in your mind is possible and is real.

Our planet is a sentient being and you can always talk to her. Nature is sacred just like every one of us is a sacred being. What do I mean by sacred? So special and something to be grateful for and appreciate every day, very special.

Deep in my heart and soul I know understand this but as I try to explain it to you now, this is just the best attempt at translating the small fragment I currently know to be truth from where I am now in this physical plane but there are many fragments to the TRUTH as known by cosmic creator Christos Sophia from our currently place here.

Everyone one and everything is connected like in a spider web. By nature of reality, you are born with a specific “place” in the spider web, how you connect with others adn relate to them and how your unique essence and expression defines your essential nature and path. You have free will here, which is completely unique but you won’t be your true self until you are your true self. Working in your passion, working as your true self.

For example, you thought you wanted to be a doctor and started down that path. you were good at it but always felt like there was something else out there for you and never felt quite fulfilled, something was missing.
This isn’t a cliche!

If you open your heart, eyes, ears, feeling you have been trying to send yourself help (From other dimensions) and if you listen to your self, you will find your path, your place.

You as the doctor start seeing rainbows everywhere, you start paying attention to when you see the rainbows, what are you thinking? what is the meaning of a rainbow? why do they appear etc etc. How do you feel about rainbows?

This starts you on a path of looking inward to see yourself, you are the universe and in the universe you see yourself. That is why truly anything is possible because you can think something and then it becomes your reality.

After many years later of seeing rainbows and taking the first step, and diving deep into herself and accepting her own darknesses that we all have; the traditional doctor is now a vibrational healer; every moment is fulfilling and precious and filled with love. Her “work” is a joy and improves her world around her. Her work helps others and helps herself.

What could be more beautiful than world filled with people who love each other, trust, support and are cognizant of their true selves and everyone is aware and practicing their life purpose?




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