Theory on Lightbody interactions with Frequencies — how we interpret and create our reality

2 min readJun 22, 2021

I believe this is how our consciousness works with light (aka the energy of the universe)
Our light body acts as an optical crystal (multifaceted) — that breaks down energy into its respective frequencies. A literal example of how this works would be how a prism breaks down white light.


I believe possibly this aspect is a dodecahedron shape. Additionally,
each facet of the crystal is associated with a specific frequency.

This is how I envision us “breaking down” composite frequencies ( a metaphorical representation, not literal)

What do I mean by composite frequencies ?

We are not receiving/interacting with a pure frequency from a single wave, they’re interacting to create “composites. Another way to imagine it is like you’re hearing a symphony and you can deconstruct it into the individual music lines of each instrument and recombine it to project a new piece of music.

In this dodecahedron to summarize the following occur:

1. This is where we break down composite frequencies to understand them

Synthesize the frequencies that come in in order to:
2. Send out frequencies
3. Form new frequencies

This is how we create our realities — via the frequencies we are sending out from the energy we collect and manipulate.

These frequencies are the “web” or “weaving” of our reality/universe. You could think of it on a personal or global or universal level.

I believe this is occurring at a fractal level — but I will save that for another posting.




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