The Journey is a Spiral

How do you know if you’re on your journey (path)?

We’re all on a path- whether we’re progressing or aware of our path is a completely different story.

How I Found My Path and Learned to Love the Atomic Bomb

(For some reason I can’t help myself from including the vaguely connected cultural references)

Gotta Fight For Your Right to Party aka End The Suck

I began journalling at the beginning of the pandemic to “document historical events” but it slowly evolved into a consistent mental and emotional reflection practice. I’ve always been a writer, but I stopped writing for a long time after graduating, somehow it had become tainted for me, a constant reminder of all my failures and weaknesses. The summer of 2020 (before I started graduate school) I found a book, The Gifted Adult. That book was the actual catalyst for me beginning to seriously dig into learning more about myself. It was actually shocking to me as I worked through the prompts and exercises how poorly I thought of myself. As painful and eye opening as it was, it was also wonderful! It meant I could finally see the monster and go at it head on. Shortly that I found a book that was very obscure and written by a woman in upstate NY and began experimenting with meditation and energy visualizations. My exploration has pretty much snowballed from there.

Things Get Weird (without me actually detailing the true weirdnesses)

This is when the weird stuff started to happen. I started to experience all these different connections between my posture, my emotions and my thoughts. And my inner awareness started to increase, both my body and my intuition. It was like I was creeping along at 5 mph and then someone just punched it and suddenly I was going at 120 mph. Everything in my life had naturally shifted as I’ve altered my thought patterns (check out cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness for a few different places) my eating habits, caffein consumption, routine, meditation, exercise, and how I see myself connecting to the world and I feel like a completely different person. The biggest thing that has changed is the deep pit of anxiety that has been ever-present in my life is gone. POOF. My energy levels are better.

How’s My Path Going? More Bad Metaphors and Cliches!

To summarize: I’m still basically stumbling along in the dark, although I have a vague idea of the broader framework. For fantasy readers here’s a reference, it feels like when the Prince of Hed becomes the land ruler of the realm and he’s fighting a battle to save the realm using the winds which he has no idea how to use but he knows what purpose its for and everything finally clicks for him as he sees how he fits into the greater picture. In fact that trilogy really is an ideal metaphor for a life path journey if I’ve ever heard one.

This is The Song That Never Ends

Anywho I guess I’ve begun living my secret lifelong fantasy of being a professional philosopher. (Did I mention I’m actually a scientist? I can’t really decide on my grown up job occupation apparently.) My eyes are starting to cross so apologies if there are typos or grammatical errors.

Referenced Shiz

The Gifted Adult

Steps to Take

— -Check out some of the stuff I posted. Maybe something piques your interest or you have a feeling about it. Knowledge is power!



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