The Greatest Adventure of My Life

4 min readMay 13, 2021

I feel like I’m on the greatest adventure of my life right now. I’m following the clues to solve “The Mystery of Me”, which incidentally also happens to be the answer to another question, what is the nature of the universe? It’s some kind of multidimensional scavenger hunt that expands with you; the only limiting factor in this game is me. This is my reality.

You know what, it’s fun as fuck.

If you tell me that you don’t want some magical guide leading you to your true destiny and realization of self, and that you don’t secretly wish magic was real, then IMA call some bullshit.

Magic is real. My thoughts shape reality and I feel like motherfucking multidimensional Indiana Jones right now. Oh yeah, my soul lives forever and I’m connected to everything in our universe. WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT???!!!!!!

However, this journey has not been all sunshine and rainbows, it’s been bumpy. I’ve fallen into more than few holes along the way.

Why Am I here (writing this to you)?

Because I have to many questions and I have realized through all the brilliant and lovely people I’ve met in the past few weeks and months, we all hold different keys to this cosmic puzzle. When we connect with others we find some more of our self along the way.

I want to start by outlining where I am right now. What do I think I know? What are my questions?


How will we reach the future I see with community living arranged in a grid system, tied (protected) by quantum satellites grid and human failsafes (holding protection and energy), with quantum living..teleportation, telepathy, in harmony with nature?

My abilities have been accelerating; I’d say at an exponential level, my perceptions are strengthening, my awareness and realizations and getting in the flow is increasing. I’m seeing visions of a world living in complete harmony, rotating counterclockwise, with so many grids criss crossing across the earth. Fail safes so that the main key lines can’t be hijacked again. We’ve all mastered quantum living. Technology is present yet not intrusive.

I don’t know what my role is yet, all I know is the universe (me) is screaming COMMUNICATION. I’ve seen, felt, stumbled upon, a lot about energy, waves, water and sound. It has something to do with our grids, at least that’s what I think right now. One thing I should explain is how my brain “sees” conceptual meaning, I see things/concepts/ideas both geometrically and in relation to other things. It’s like a giant spider web of knowledge (both conscious and unconscious) and honestly I see it as a microcosm of all our connections to the universe — we are all connected by our energy.

The question you may be asking is how do you know this is possible or true? Physics (well I use the word physics but it’s beyond our “physics”) but basically math. I feel the truth. I can’t prove anything to you. I can only show you some of the pieces that have led me to here in my own adventure story. Maybe they’ll prove useful , maybe not.

GAIA has built in grids (magnetic) and something to also do with dolphins and whales in the sea. Their sound is also important, something about the resonance and waves and the ocean water. We have node and null sites, their energy has to do with physics of wave energy. There is more we don’t understand, I think the sacred geometry is related to the astrological elements and it’s multidimensional, relating somehow to the elevations, lat, longitude etc.

I know right now there are light workers activating energy at sacred sites, rebuilding energetic grids. The grids were the reason many thousands of years ago we had such harmony and abundance. I think of it like an energy dome forming from the grid.

I’ve found information about the Cosmic matrix which is the explanation for the missing piece in our current physics models. If you search Cosmic matrix and Kryon, the channeling will come up. The other part that really filled in a lot of missing pieces for me and sketched the whole big picture was the video on youtube, The 144,000 Fully Explained, Linda Good McGillis. Honestly I felt the truth but didn’t really understand most of it.

I’m not really sure who I am writing to this, I guess other people similar to me stumbling along in the beginning, middle somewhere on their journey.

Just remember sometimes someone else’s question is an answer for you. Where are you now? What are your questions?

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