The Greatest Adventure of My Life

You know what, it’s fun as fuck.

If you tell me that you don’t want some magical guide leading you to your true destiny and realization of self, and that you don’t secretly wish magic was real, then IMA call some bullshit.

Why Am I here (writing this to you)?

Because I have to many questions and I have realized through all the brilliant and lovely people I’ve met in the past few weeks and months, we all hold different keys to this cosmic puzzle. When we connect with others we find some more of our self along the way.

I want to start by outlining where I am right now. What do I think I know? What are my questions?


How will we reach the future I see with community living arranged in a grid system, tied (protected) by quantum satellites grid and human failsafes (holding protection and energy), with quantum living..teleportation, telepathy, in harmony with nature?

Just remember sometimes someone else’s question is an answer for you. Where are you now? What are your questions?

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