Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gaia Channeling (with visualizations for heart chakra blockages)

4 min readJun 8, 2021

I had the most profound release session meditation I’ve ever had; I’ve been getting messages/signals to get in touch with Archangel Michael and Raphael for help with releasing and healing. Angel work is nothing I’ve really done before but I’ve been overall in really high energy the past week so I decided to try it and see what would happen (ask for help that is). I realized asking for help and support was another lesson from these eclipse portals energies I am learning.

As I was getting ready to do this (and contemplating if I should) a giant gust of wind came over and knocked off the sun umbrella I had propped up over my pyramid — I took this as a big yes to proceed.

I truly believed I would be releasing some past sexual trauma or something but what came out was totally unexpected. First off, I cried for about 35 minutes while this was going on (and channeling messages from the angels and Gaia) and they told me what I was releasing was the pain of the world I had taken on my entire life. The pain of the children, the pain of Gaia, the pain of animals, so basically the pain of the innocents and to a lesser degree the pain of everyone else.

It began with me seeing this giant cascade of light (third eye). And then as I was crying there were gentle drops falling from the sky, not rain, just tears from the sky along with me. And then I saw rainbows on the inside of my eyelids.

They showed me the pains I was taking on, and how it was affecting me (hands ripping open my stomach, hannibal lecter style)

You’re going to help heal these hurts child, you can’t take them on, you have to let them go. Pure light will heal them.
It’s gonna be okay, we’re going to do this together, like you have always known.

You’re doing wonderfully, you’re navigating an unimaginable set of circumstances and balancing it all, trying to awaken, care for your family, you feel so much. You’re just holding on to this pain. all will be well.

Gaia: she showed me how beautiful she is now, healed harmony, clean — -you gotta learn to not take up people’s pain.

We will teach you what you don’’t remember how to do , learn to open your heart and as you do it you’ll learn to only let the good out and not take up the bad. Daily clearing process are important, may need to do several times a day.
It doesn’t have to be painful, only if you keep fucking fighting it. You also need to release.We’ll show you a meditation.

Winter can be tough that’s why we sent you the pyramid, with that it won’t be difficult.

Use the torus field idea, it won’t allow (energy backward) (or use the pyramid) , it will only allow you to send out good. open your heart, open your portal. smash it down(see myself with sledgehammer, w/marble pillars (snakes around them) with veneer of stone and I’m beating the shit out of it, light is coming through. feel the rainbow light, on the other side of that is my crystal on a pedestal, multi faceted crystal)

Your heart is the portal to your energy, or can be one of them; because if you keep your vibration high it continually recharges your outer fields, and when your energy’s high, you’re protected, so the only way you can be affected is if you’re in negative energy for a long enough time. But right now you are letting in the energies; you open your heart to people because you want to help them. You take on those energies consciously through your heart portal.
— You’re actively imaging yourself in their shoes, imagine you’re actually taking their energy, which is why sometimes a lot of people feel better after talking to you.

But you can help people without hurting yourself. You will learn to amplify that heart energy through technological , through intentional discovery (that is amplify it and send it out to others).
Think of it like a check valve over the heart portal.

Now that you broke down (the wall in front of your heart), you opened a hole for the light to come through. You’re taking down the wall, the wall will be no more. It will open gradually by itself, the more you pour out (love), thefaster it will go and that’ll strengthen (your “heart check valve), keep doing your stuff, stuff will get figured out

That was my first time doing something like that. I didn’t expect to receive any messages or for it to be such a profound experience. I believe that information (and visualizations) may be useful for others (empaths etc).

Let me know if you found this helpful or if you’ve had any experiences like this or if you have any questions. (I’m definitely still processing this!)




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