Rainbow Light Energy Spiral Healing (Archangel Michael, Raphael and GAIA)

3 min readJun 18, 2021

Directed to share this publicly, I’m starting to remember knowledge from past lives, working with light was a big part of one of them. Session channeled from my self, with support from Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gaia and my dragon guide.


Do this laying down. Ask Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gaia (of course your innate self : ) ) and any guides that help you with transmuting energy.

It’s really important to be grounded when doing this, you need to be in contact with the earth. GAIA is acting as a backup ground for the energy, so if it doesn’t want to come out through the spiral, it will be grounded into the earth. She is also acting as a battery as sort in helping you bring in the energy for the rainbow spirals.

The archangels will be helping you control and focus the light energy as well as dispersing it to replace the density that is being released.
If you have any guides that help you with transmuting energy, call upon them too as they will be transmuting the density that comes out of the spirals.

As a note, I was also told that this healing cannot be misused and it’s basically fail safed, it won’t be allowed to be conducted at a level your body can’t handle.


  1. Put your hands over your higher heart (near top of breastbone)
    2.Visualize white light (comprised of all color frequencies) expanding throughout your entire body and expanding through out your entire merkaba (including the portion that’s below ground) with rainbows bouncing around on the inside
    3. Now see a focused beam of rainbow light that you can manipulate like a piece of yarn which includes all the frequencies of light
    4. Feel in your energetic body where you have specific spots of density or asymmetry, localized area.
    5. In your mind’s eye, see yourself beginning the spiral on the surface of your physical body at the edge of the dense spot and continue inward until you reach the middle (go intuitively with whatever direction comes up)
    6. Then see yourself pulling the end of the rainbow yarn up, which also pulls the spiral into a 3d cone pointing away from your body
    7. Envision the density being funneled out of your physical and light body and simultaneously the space being replaced by the light from the rainbow spiral
    8. When you stop seeing “density” coming out, you are done with that spiral
    9. Continue as needed for small dense locations. These are releasing some dense energies but all just gently loosening some deeper stuff
    10. Then over the larger area (roughly a span of 2 chakras) you’re going to envision a spiral over the entire area, but the plane of the spiral will extend all the way through your light body and physical body and as you come to the middle, envision the spiral being pulled out into a focused point (It’s having like a vortex effect) and really “sucking” out density while replacing it with light.
    11. This may be more lengthy in duration compared to the flat spirals, just keep visualizing until you feel finished.
    12. It’s important to visualize the three dimensional rainbow spiral (this last one) shrinking to nothing. See your hands on the outside of the spiral, condensing it in until it shrinks to nothing and it’s out of your energy field.

Let me know if you have any questions or need some visuals, I’m feeling a bit drained right now to write those up, but if they will help, I’ll willingly post some up (and I maybe at a later point).




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