Intuition is Your Superpower.

Spoiler alert, no one is coming to save you from your shitty life. You know who your superhero is, it’s you. You already have the best fucking super hero power in the world, your own inner judgement.

The super secret steps to following your intuition:
1. quiet your mind and get in touch with your body
2. go in the flow of the moment and listen inward
3. do what you felt was the thing you needed to do (or not do)

But Jen you say, that sounds like some new age hippy bullshit.
And I’d say, the fuck it is.

Sometimes our intuition shouts at us and we hear it, just not enough. Like the feeling that maybe you should take a different way home and find out later a huge accident occurred the normal way you drive. Or whispers to go talk to that person at a party and you end up with a new dream job out of nowhere. Or you almost leave the house and decide to bring your raincoat and indeed with no rain in the forecast it downpours later. These are all intuition.

Examples of intuition from my life lately

(normal ones, not hippy bullshit ones)
-Read an email I’ve been skipping for weeks and was alerted to a deadline (that day) that was imperative for me.
-Called someone for a task I wasn’t supposed to be doing that I wasn’t planning on talking to and ended up with a new business idea (combined with an extra project I decided to help on that I felt I needed to do despite the subject matter itself not being my bag)

Let go of what you know you can’t do and just open up to the possibility that anything is possible. Let go of your expectations about how it works for other people or what you’ve heard or how you’re supposed to meditate blah blah blah.

Like anything else, this is developed to varying degrees and manifests in different ways for different people. I gave you some examples but I’ll try and describe how it feels/works for me. I’m still pretty new at consciously tuning in although I’m certain my intuition has saved my bacon more than once without me even realizing it.

Your sense of balance is directly connected to your intuition.

By balance I mean any number of things, your balance between physical and mental, emotions, internal and external, work and family, time for you and time for others, your health. What happens is for most of us we get so out of balance we can’t hear our intuition. The feedback responses from our body and mind are overshadowing the subtleties of our intuition, as well as busy minds and all the forms we use to escape our realities.



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