Different Ideas for Working with Crystals

Crystals charging in Bionized Sand

Journeying/Vision Questing

I actually started journeying accidentally. More than 6 months ago, I was experimenting with different metaphysical books, philosophies and approaches. There was an exercise to energetically explore consciousness in our environment: plants, stones etc, with sort of a merging of consciousnesses, try to be the rock. One of my teachers called this empathetic consciousness ( I just learned this two days ago). So I practiced this exercise with a couple of my crystals with some interesting results and leading me to some different places. I recommend trying it for yourself if you’re curious!

General Meditation

I’ve found if I’m focusing on a particular issue, I’ll try to bring those related stones with me. I’ve also been experimenting with making my own grids (winging it style). Basically, just have fun with it! And make sure you cleanse your new crystals before you use them!

Personal Energy Field Clearing

I’m still experimenting with the energy clearing. I’ve been a bit lazy, really just holding on to them, I haven’t really explored any visualizations or really gone deep on it yet. The past few weeks have been a bit nuts to say the least with the rate of changes, new information and trying to go with the flow.

Easing Release of Energy Blockages

I’ve also used crystals a bit with helping releasing energy blockages in conjunction with other energy methods I may use. Again, sometimes the stones may correspond with the chakras, sometimes they may not. Pick stone(s) for however many chakras you want to work on, if it’s more than one, it’s a lot easier to do it laying down. I”ll often do it before sleep while I’m laying in bed.



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