Chi For Change: Take Action for Ascension and New Earth

2 min readJun 6, 2021

Everyone wants to know what they can do?
Raise your vibration (But we can measure it! Anyone can!)
And raise the vibes outside!

Heal yourself, heal the earth ❤

Recently I was searching for some relatively objective, easily accessible method (there’s not a whole lot of subtle energy meters out there!) to measure and compare the bionized sand lots I was making. I was experimenting with slight variations in the method (adding intention to the process, starting with sand I’d charged under the pyramid first etc.)

I first saw this chart on Jc Kay’s channel (here’s her intro video on dowsing, but I think it was a later video) and promptly forgot about it. I remembered and decided to use a pendulum with the bovis life force energy chart to give me a baseline energy reading for the various sand lots I was making. (Image source credit here)

And then I realized maybe I could use it to monitor my energy
And all the spaces around me. And I went a bit crazy, suddenly I had this new lense of understanding I could use to measure our impact.
Definitely the scientist in me coming out, can’t evaluate your impact if you’re not measuring anything.

Some bionized sand stuff I was measuring

Again this is just anecdotal data exploration right now, but very interesting never the less. I’m thinking about setting up an experiment with controls and statistics but I’m still playing around at the moment (and trying to explore where my focuses should lie)

Ideas for chi upgrades in your outdoors space

-meditate in that location
-grid it up? (crystals, local stones — I set up a grid using stones that have turned up in our soil over time ❤)
-energetic healing w/trees (share love, healing)
-plant for bees? Or turn up your lawn and let it grow wild
-bionized sand
-physical things, pick up trash etc.

try something new!
be creative!
share your results

How much can we change our local areas ? Share you ideas please!




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