Bionized Sand

2 min readJun 6, 2021


New to me, but experimenting with bionized sand. First heard about it here. It originates from theories related to orgone of Wilhelm Reich’s research (haven’t read into yet , but there you go if you want to read up on it more). Even better you can buy 50lbs of sand for less than $20 (or find it on etsy if you don’t want to make it yourself)

Bionized Sand

The end result is a sand that is super charged (and will never need to be recharged) that you can use to charge your crystals, super charge your pyramid and I’m sure many more uses I haven’t conceived of yet.

Instructions I found (randomly on the internet):
Successively freeze, thaw and boil sand three times. That’s it.

  • I used a brownie pan, filled it roughly half way with sand, added water so that the sand was submerged and then froze it.
  • Then removed it from the freezer, put into a cold oven, heated to 500F probably roughly for 40 to 60 minutes (didn’t really pay that close of attention to be honest.) But original instructions said it had to be 15–30minutes of boiling.
  • Take it out, let it cool, put it back in the freezer, repeat.

I recommend doing it in the oven and cover whatever pan you are using (the sand will splatter everywhere! ) I used a cookie sheet over the top of it and was able to fit two pans in our oven.

And you need to use sand with high high silicates content (best bed is pool filter sand, you’re using sand that is mini quartz crystals). Some people do this process with smaller crystals, I haven’t tried that yet.

Pro tip:

Pre-charge your sand in a Russian Pyramid first, you will achieve even higher levels. Tentative results I got so far with testing sand bovine force levels (this is completely what I would call anecdotal/exploratory data at this point, only a couple points of data, lacking experimental design etc ) but interesting none the less. The first batch didn’t lose any charge over the course of the time between the two readings and you can clearly see the bionization increases the life force level. Pre charging it in the pyramid increases it even more.

Ideas I had for using this sand:
Sand sigils on earth to boost chi
Add sand to outdoor gridded crystals (or with plants)
Experiment with sand and crops (sprinkle for energy boost)
Use for zen gardens, or relaxing foot tub

Other known uses: in orgonite, for supercharging russian pyramids




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