Ascension Challenges with Emptying Our Vessel and Releasing Attachments to the Physical World

2 min readJul 9, 2021

So I’ve been going through another reset and clearing and shaking off of the unconscious limitations I’m still holding on to. I went radio silent as I was questioning whether or not my writing was gratification of my ego or truly in service to sophia christos.

I guess the answer is both, neither.
But basically it feels my perspective has become more all encompassing, allowing me to see where I’ve been separating myself (or creating separation), becoming entangled in narratives as well as judging myself and others.

It’s been a wonderfully powerful week of pulsing intensities with generally quick releases and realizations, at least the most conscious purging of density it and realizations it has ever been for me in our journey thus far.

I guess partially I write this for my physical self to see how far we’ve come. And with the intention of weaving another thread of unity and also untangling the dense knot that still has me working through the akashic.

I realized with knowing that the whirlwind of experiences and sensations and imagery has been gathering parts of the soul so they can be released from the vessel.
I’m aware my writing sounds a bit robotic compared to some of my other pieces ; that is representative in a shift in how i’m processing information with less attachment and the more encompassing perspective.
It’s part of the knowing that as Linda Good McGillis related, our population died in 2012. And our experiences since then have been to give us the opportunity to clear the information from our vessels, which will be merged with our higher consciousness to be reborn again, and be as one soul.

Honestly, I can feel a small part of me trying to stir up the flag and feeling of fear that the above information originally stirred in me. And there’s still some left, still some clinging to the false paradigms. Still deep rooted shame, trust and control woundings that need to be integrated and released.

I am so proud of my physical self which has released so many repressed emotions, density and has begun to build a bridge of trust that I never would have imagined possible. Taking the leap of trust beyond the linear based on instincts and intuition alone to delve further into the pain based on really not knowing where it ’s going is pretty incredible.

Being able to conceive the nature of oneness and non-duality via the physical vessel is quite extraordinary and I’m so appreciative of all my physical body has accomplished beyond it’s expected logical reason and despite the degree of unlearning and repression it had to go beyond.

With gratitude and love to all of ourselves everywhere at all space time and dimensions.




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